Outage Management Systems TecSummit 2013

Taking OMS to the Next Level: Utility Persepctives, Strategies, and Case Studies

Expanding the capabilities and performance of outage management systems (OMS) has become a top priority for utilities - many in fact are facing the challenge of implementing an OMS from square one. However, investing in the correct technologies and executing a successful strategy is challenging. Much depends on understanding and structuring the project effectively, coordinating inputs across organizational silos, leveraging expertise and resources outside the enterprise, etc. Several utilities have embarked on this journey, and many others will be undertaking the challenge over the next two years.

The Outage Management Systems TechSummit is an objective, three-day symposium focused on successful OMS implementation, integration, and evolution. Utilities facing the need to implement an integrated OMS, or take their current systems to the next level, will benefit directly from the experiences, best practices, and guidance of utility peers and technology experts who are leaders in the field.

This TechSummit is a must-attend for any utility considering the implementation or upgrade of a complex OMS in the near future.

Join us as we carefully examine such key issues as:
  • Assessing and defining critical OMS requirements
  • Incorporating GIS, DMS, and smart meters in an integrated OMS
  • Enabling expanded mobility for field crews
  • Improved self-healing through integrated fault location isolation and service restoration (FLISR)
  • Proven strategies for realizing a best-in-class OMS upgrade or implementation
  • Developing the business case for integrated OMS
  • Identifying OMS project benefits, performance metrics, and strategy for risk management
  • Receiving, managing, and translating large amounts of incoming data from multiple sources
  • Latest OMS technology advances and capabilities
  • Meeting management's expectations for outage management improvement
  • Using system status monitoring and predictive capabilities to reduce outage restoration time
  • Understanding all the critical steps involved in an effective OMS upgrade or deployment
Why Attend?
    1. Learn the key must-dos -- and pitfalls to avoid -- in implementing or upgrading and integrated OMS
    2. Network with your utility peers to get the inside story on effective OMS operations
    3. Hear a range of case study perspectives and lessons learned from utility OMS leaders
    4. Refine (or develop) your strategy for taking the OMS to the next level of performance
    5. Ask questions and get answers from leading consultants who are well versed in the latest strategies
    6. Interact with vendors and view demos of the latest technologies in a focused, non-commercial setting
    7. Deep-dive into the technology issues and challenges, and come away prepared to meet them
    8. Get the knowledge and insight you need to lead the integrated OMS charge at your utility
Who Should Attend?

The TechSummit is designed for Executives, Directors, Managers, and Senior IT personnel who are responsible for outage management and restoration at electric utilites. This includes individuals involved with:
  • Distributiom system maintenance
  • Operations control, data analytics, and IT management
  • Outage restoration and response
  • Field operations and incident management
  • Disaster recovery
  • Emergency planning and preparedness