Securing the End-to-End Smart Grid Ecosystem

Over the past year, cyber security of the emerging smart grid network has become a top priority for utilities. More than just deployment of point solutions, securing the smart grid must be an end-to-end undertaking that encompasses all facets of IT, OT, ICS, communications and infrastructure. Introducing intelligence and two-way communication into the utility network means opening the door to vulnerability, and utilities must proceed with caution.

Organized by The Smart Grid Observer, the Smart Grid Cyber Security Virtual Summit on Thursday, May 23, 2013 will feature a series of in-depth presentations and live Q&A with industry experts, designed to examine the very latest technologies, deployment strategies, best practices, and lessons learned in making smart grid cyber security a reality. Critical questions to be addressed include:
  • Where are the most significant weak points in the smart grid's security? How should we address them?
  • What is the current nature of the cyber security threat? What do we really need to worry about?
  • What are the latest NERC CIP requirements and how best to comply?
  • What are the key technology enablers and advances for smart grid cyber security?
  • What are the critical lessons we've learned to date regarding smart grid security, and how do we apply them?
  • What are the best strategies for securing AMI?
  • How can utilities effectively go about securing software and embedded devices designed for the smart grid?
Intended Audience
  • Utility executives and network planners -- who must ensure their distributed intelligent endpoints and smart grid networks are secure

  • Software and IT experts -- who must stay abreast of the very latest developments and strategies for securing the intelligent grid

  • System integrators -- who are responsible for managing the end-to-end implementation of smart grid systems across enterprise silos

  • Smart metering managers -- who need to understand the security implications and requirements related to AMI rollout

  • Network monitoring and engineering professionals -- who must be able to plan for, identify, and effectively respond to cyber security breaches

  • Policy and regulatory professionals -- who must stay current on the latest progress, requirements, and standards emerging from the various agencies and industry bodies

  • Equipment and software vendors -- who continually understand utility requirements in the area of cyber security, and ensure their solutions measure up

A Highly Convenient and Interactive Networking Experience

The 100% online format of the Smart Grid Cyber Security Virtual Summit enables industry professionals from around the world to attend sessions easily and conveniently. Powered by the Cisco WebEx platform, the format of the Online Summit ensures interaction among attendees and presenters, for a unique, cost-effective, and in-depth learning experience. To learn more, click here.