Driving Customer Involvement in Smart Grid Applications and Services

Utilities are re-thinking their approach to customer engagement, CIS, and customer service strategies from the ground up. Closer, more interactive relations with customers means higher levels of demand response participation, increased energy efficiency, more effective demand management, and more satisfied customers. Effective customer engagement is also key to wider acceptance of smart metering rollout, time-of-use pricing, and other smart grid applications. To be successful, companies must embrace new business processes and critical system upgrades in order to leverage the data arising from smart grid technologies for improved customer service.

The Customer Engagement Virtual Summit on Thursday, February 28, 2013 is a 100% online event that will help utilities meet this challenge by providing practical guidance from industry experts who are achieving new levels of excellence in customer service and engagement. The full day of in-depth presentations and live Q&A with speakers enables attendees to learn from industry practitioners and thought leaders from the convenience of their desktops.

Topics to be addressed include:
  • Designing smart grid applications and technologies to support customer service
  • Updating customer information systems (CIS) to leverage smart grid data and applications
  • Measuring and maximizing customer acceptance of smart grid technologies
  • Multi-channel, effective communications with the customer
  • Status of Green Button and future prospects
  • Creating successful demand response programs
  • Integration and interoperability with existing systems
  • Best practices and lessons learned to date
  • Advances in CIS technology and strategy
  • Demand-side management programs
  • Managing impact and transitioning existing customer service systems
  • Reducing operational costs while improving customer relations and service
  • Role of social media in driving new levels of customer engagement
  • Web and mobile-based billing and payments
  • Billing and reporting strategies
  • Smart thermostat and home energy management advances
Who Should Attend?
  • Utility executives, network managers, senior IT planners and system designers
  • CIS and customer service executives
  • Smart grid equipment and software vendors
  • System integrators and consultants
  • Regulatory and public policy makers
  • Investors and financial community professionals

A Highly Interactive, Global Networking Experience

The 100% online format of the Customer Engagement Virtual Summit enables industry professionals from around the world to attend sessions easily and conveniently. Powered by the Cisco WebEx platform, the format of the Virtual Summit ensures interaction among attendees and presenters, for a unique, cost-effective, and in-depth learning experience. To learn more, click here.