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The Future of Home Energy Management

In the area of home energy management, Microsoft and Google made two mistakes. The first was failing to understand the needs of the utility application, resulting in "solutions" that offered insufficient real value. The second was simply abandoning this nascent market, which is destined to be a significant, global opportunity for any vendor with an actual solution.

Such failings are understandable because electricity is a strange market. Consumers want to take it for granted. Regulators want to tightly control it. Utilities struggle to satisfy consumers while complying with the regulations. Worst of all, the relationship between supply and demand is upside-down. In virtually every other market, demand decreases as prices increase. But with electricity, wholesale prices are at their highest when retail demand is at its peak. And herein lies the opportunity for home energy management.

Attendees of this session will learn:

  • How the ever-increasing demand for electricity threatens to cause significant problems for utilities, consumers and regulators alike without better energy management

  • About the advances being made in home energy management technologies, and how these will benefit the industry

  • How home energy management and home automation will converge into a total and seamless solution for consumers

  • How the typical home will use, conserve, store and make energy in 2020

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    Niraj Bhargava
    Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

    Energate is a fast-emerging global market leader for home energy management and demand response solutions: controls, systems, software and services. Energate's Consumer Connected Demand Response (CCDR) solution, including industry-leading smart thermostats, is empowering companies and consumers to take advantage of new technology to manage energy use, enhance convenience, and deliver comfort in an increasingly integrated world.